ISSAR Advisory

We offer a bespoke Public and Private Sector advisory service. For the public sector we focus on Economic Development Policy, Trade and Investment Strategies, and Sovereign Financing Solutions. For the private sector, we focus on market entry and development in emerging markets by harnessing optimal value through global partnerships working in concert to meet our Client's objectives.

At ISSAR ADVISORY, our professionals have a wealth of experience in each of the disciplines we practice. We have been developers of policy, principal negotiators for sovereign trade and investment agreements. We have worked alongside government leaders, global captains of industry, labor and civil society to deliver high-value solutions to governments, citizens, and communities alike.

In doing so, we have built an arsenal of experiences from which to draw from as well as long lasting, honest and mutually respectful relationships. Consequently we have a deep understanding of how business is conducted across emerging markets and are able to design customized solutions that leverage the highest value opportunities within a country, resolve key risks and maximize returns for all stakeholders.

We have developed an astute understanding of local cultures, political environments, trends, legislation and societal behavior, by leveraging our experience, networks and cultural intelligence, all of which is critical to the success of our clients.

Our operating culture reflects more than a structure. It is a statement of values. Our commitment to integrity, teamwork, excellence, meritocracy and innovation enables us to build our relationships, with clients and partners, on honesty and trust. It drives our ability to deliver extraordinary client service and to generate potent and superior long-term solutions to resolve our client's challenges.

Our values inspire us to give back to the communities we serve through volunteerism, philanthropy, and reinvestment into communities through educational programs.
Each of us in the firm takes pride in our role as a steward of the ISSAR legacy. We understand that in a service industry, reputation means everything; and reputation is an asset earned over time through consistent implementation of strong values and morals.

Corporate Finance

We offer our clients the full compliment of financial and transactional advisory services in conjunction with rich industrial and commercial insight to optimize decision-making. Our interests are always aligned with our clients, since our agreements are structured to ensure we sit on their side of the transaction. Further, since we consider each client a long-term partner we keenly assess the long-term implications of each decision and advise accordingly.

What we do

We advise governmental leaders, international organizations, companies, private foundations and non-governmental organizations how to expand and strengthen new strategic collaborations with partners to achieve lasting socially responsible, environmentally friendly and economic growth and development in the rapidly changing global landscape confronting emerging markets. Our bespoke services are focused on specific enabling interventions around

Economic Policy
Industrial Strategies
Sector Development
Enabling Environment
Trade Policy
Global Strategies/Integration
Global Lobbying
Enhance Market Access
Trade Negotiation Support
Inward Investment
Investment Policies & Strategies
Promotion of FDI
Job Creation Strategies
Sovereign Funding
Bond/Sukuk Issuances
Infrastructure Project Finance
Credit Ratings Support Services
Capital Market Management
Pre Entry Services
Market Entry Strategy Formulation
Implementation Services
Collaborations (JVs,Franchise,etc.)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Sourcing & Procurement
Regulatory Approvals
Post Entry Services
Continuous Advisory
Performance Improvement
Global Value Added Services